Terms and Conditions

JustThrottle.com is a website and Mobile Application owned and operated by Eques Auto Rentals Pvt. Ltd. a company duly registered and incorporated under the Companies Act,2013, whose address is at #501, Suravarapu Orlando, Doddathogur, Electronic city, Bangalore, India – 560 100. (hereinafter referred to as "Just Throttle or Justthrottle.com" which expression shall, unless repugnant to the context or meaning thereof deemed to include their executors, administrators, legal representatives and assigns) of the First Part and the Hirer (You) (whosoever take on hires vehicles owned and operated by the JustThrottle). Just Throttle and Hirer are collectively referred to as "Parties" and individually as "Party". These terms and conditions govern all the regulations, rights, terms and conditions between the Parties. The term Hirer means 'You', ‘Renter’, ‘Lessee’ or ‘Rider’ and, unless repugnant to the context or meaning thereof deemed to include Riders of the vehicle as authorized by you, your executors, administrators, legal representatives and assigns.

By accepting the terms and conditions you will be legally bound to follow all the below mentioned terms and conditions during your relationship with Just Throttle. Without your acceptance of the terms and conditions, Just Throttle shall not be able to give any vehicle for rent. If you, disagree to any of the terms of this agreement, please refrain from hiring the vehicle.

  • It is agreed that all risks associated during the custody of the vehicle is with Hirer. It is more specifically agreed further that in cases where vehicle is used in a manner which is not permitted under law or is in violation of any law, Hirer should assume absolute liability and Indemnify the owner from all statutory and other liabilities cast upon him. Hirer must report such violations to a Just Throttle’s representative as soon as possible. Just Throttle will not accept any responsibility or be held accountable for any loss, injury or death as a result of, or leading from the hire of any of the vehicles.

Payment process

  • Rental charges has to be paid online for the duration chosen while booking the vehicle. Any additional charges at the time of return shall be paid by cash or online.


  • A rental day is 24 hours. A fee of Rs 100/- per hour is applicable for vehicles returned late after the grace period of 30 mins. The fine is applicable for a maximum period of 4 hours post which a full day rental amount will be charged.


  • Member should have a valid motorcycle driving license and an Address proof, photos of the same will be taken at the time of delivery.

Use of Vehicle

  • The hirer should have a valid driving license, be at least 18 years old and must always wear a helmet while riding.
  • Only the hirer is permitted to drive the vehicle.
  • Hirer is responsible for his insurance; Just Throttle will not be responsible for any accidental expenses of hirer.
  • The bike shall be returned back to Just Throttle in the same condition in which it was handed over to hirer.
  • In case the vehicle returned is found excessively dirty/muddy, the hirer will have to bear the charge of washing not exceeding 100 Rupees.
  • Rental package does not include Fuel, Toll, road side assistance and Taxes.
  • Towing service will be borne by the hirer in case of unlikely event of tire puncture or collision or breakdown due to improper usage. In the event of mechanical or technical failure, Just Throttle will take care in towing the vehicle at its own cost.

Prohibited Uses

  • Our vehicles cannot be used for rallies and rally surcharges or any format of professional or amateur competitions and media usage.
  • Our vehicles cannot be used by the hirer under the influence of alcohol/drugs.
  • Our vehicles cannot be used for carrying out any crime or any other illegal activity.

Pick-up and Drop-off

  • The Hirer has to pick up/drop-off the vehicle from the location that is specified in his booking order and has to return the vehicle in the same working condition as before at the same location in time.
  • The Hirer is strongly advised to inspect the vehicle before riding them for any physical or noticeable mechanical defects or flaw found on/in the vehicle. Delivered vehicle cannot be rejected after handover. Four angle photos of the vehicle along with hirer will be captured at the time of delivery.
  • Hirer has to inform us an hour in advance before the end of the contract Period.

Damage Policy

  • The Hirer hereby undertakes and acknowledges that any claim, damages, liabilities that may arise during the custody of the vehicle by the Hirer shall be his/her own responsibility and if any such claims arise against the owner of the Vehicle, the same shall be defended at the cost of the Hirer, and if any court, magistrate, police, executive, or judicial action imposes any penalty, fine, damages, or compensation in relation to the use of the vehicle by the Hirer or for any other incident that happens while the Vehicle is under the custody of the Hirer, shall be paid or borne by the Hirer. The responsibility of the Hirer for such claims includes claims from third parties, passengers or himself/herself or their respective legal heirs for all activities that are undertaken while the vehicle is in the Hirer's custody.
  • The Hirer agrees to pay for any damage to, loss of, or any theft (disappearance) of parts of bike, regardless of cause or fault. Item damaged beyond repair will be paid for at its Market Price.
  • Any damage which existed prior to the handover of the vehicle and was agreed between the hirer and Just Throttle will not be chargeable to the hirer.
  • Any variation showing damages, if ascertained as not caused by normal wear and tear, would be charged and would have to be borne by the hirer.
  • In case of an accident or collision, the rider members are accountable to pay a standard amount towards the accident insurance not exceeding Rs. 15,000(which may vary depending on the severity of the damage). The members are bound to pay for the repairs incurred due to damages caused by the collision/accident.
  • Any charges exceeding Rs. 15,000 will be claimed from the insurance.
  • The above point is not valid for bikes exceeding 200cc. In such cases the actual repair amount must be borne by the rides/user. The insurance will only be claimed if the loss is exceeding 20% of the bike value.
  • Inactive hours during the repair period shall be charged to the rider member at 50% of the per day rental amount.
  • Any mechanical failures/Vehicle damages should be reported immediately. Hirer may be held responsible in case of a mechanical failure/vehicle damage resulting due to negligence of the normal maintenance while on the trip.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • Less than 24 hrs before the pick-up time: No refund
  • Between 24-48 hrs of the pick-up time: 50% refund
  • 48 hrs or more prior to the pick-up time: 90% refund
  • If Just Throttle cancels the booking due to break down, non-availability of the vehicle or any other reason, 100% refund of the rentals received.
  • Pursuant to cancellation of the booking, the partial or full refund of any payment which has been made will be processed within 10-15 days.

Speed limit Policy

Just Throttle shall also impose a fine of Rs. 100 per instance of speed beyond 70 kmph for bikes 125cc and below, speed beyond 90 kmph for bikes 150cc and above during the tenure of the ride on the hirer. Continues breaching the speed limit for 5 or more instances, will shut down the vehicle engine for an hour. Just Throttle shall also have the right to blacklist the rider at its discretion.


  • The Hirer shall, at its expense, defend, indemnify, and hold Just Throttle and its officers, directors, agents, employees, and consultants harmless for damages, liabilities, claims, losses, costs, demands, suits, actions, and reasonable expenses (including attorneys' fees and settlement costs) (collectively, "Damages") arising out of or related to any suits or claims by a third party brought against Just Throttle regarding any actions or inactions alleged or arising out of the use or non-use of the vehicle while under the custody of the Hirer.
  • Despite any provisions in the Motor Vehicles Act or rules, the Hirer has assumed the above liability and agreed to indemnify the owner for all liabilities on the owner of the vehicle in relation to the use of the vehicle by the Hirer anyone under him or while the vehicle is in his/her custody.
  • The Hirer undertakes the responsibility of any damage, theft, loss of property or any part thereof involving the vehicle during his/her custody. Any expenses incurred for repairing or replacing the Vehicle for such damages, theft, or loss shall be borne by the Hirer. 
  • The rights granted to the Hirer under this Agreement are not assignable or transferable, in whole or part. The hirer is allowing another rider to ride the vehicle, then details of the Rider should be intimated to Just Throttle in advance with copies of his/her driving license.

Dispute Resolution/ Arbitration

  • In the event of any dispute or difference arising between the parties with regard to the rights and obligation under this agreement or as to any claim, monetary or otherwise or as to the interpretation and effect of any terms and conditions of this agreement, the same shall be referred to arbitration; and such Arbitration shall be governed by the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 for the time being in force. The venue for such Arbitration shall be Bangalore, India.

This terms and conditions and any disputes or claims arising out of or in connection with its subject matter are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India and the Courts of Bangalore shall be the competent court of jurisdiction.